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Pearl Academy by Raw Pearls provides your team with the pearl education and training they need to increase passion, knowledge and sales of pearl jewellery. Watch our short videos here!RAW PEARLS TO LAUNCH ACCESSIBLE PEARL TRAINING VIDEOS FOR SALES TEAMS

A report by the British Pearl Association found that only 20% of staff could explain the types of pearls and the factors affecting the value of a pearl.

We provide easily accessible, accurate, short videos and notes for jewellery retailers and their teams. Watch anytime, anywhere, and at your own pace.

Learn about areas including: how to tell the difference between natural, cultured and fake pearls, the different types of cultured pearl, and the factors determining quality and price.

After following the series, retailers will benefit from stronger sales within their pearl ranges. Sales teams will feel more confident having built a deeper knowledge of pearls and will have a stronger engagement with this product area leaving them more able to tell the pearl ‘story’ in store.

Make your pearl retail business work for you. Watch our videos now.

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