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Supplier of the Year - UK Jewellery Awards 2023

Here are our tips for displaying your pearls to sell them, and to protect them while they are in your shop.

Some key information

Pearls that have been bleached (and this is most of the white pearls in your shop) should be the only ones in direct UV light – indeed this is the method used to bleach pearls in the first place! Pearls that are anything other than bleached should be kept away from direct sunlight as over time the light will bleach them.

Put your most eye-catching pearl piece in the window. Many customers put a large keshi, or large nucleated, pearl necklace in the window as an ‘eye-catcher’ or discussion point. They might not buy the piece… but it will get them over the threshold! Mission accomplished…

Clean them with a soft moist cloth. No soap or water required! A little dust will come off easily with a soft cloth. Dipping them or wetting them will just shorten the shelf-life of the silk. Keep your pearls away from cleaning chemicals which harm the integrity of the pearl thereby reducing the lustre.

Have your shop staff wear pearls

They’ll like this bit! The oil from the skin is good for the pearl (just don’t let them spray perfume or dirty them with make-up)… and they act as a model for the goods.

Put them on

If at all possible, have the customer put a necklace on their neck. Large pieces in particular can look somewhat threatening on the counter… but a necklace on is half the battle won!

Train up your staff

We are happy to provide in-shop training for customers who come to us for stock. It is in our interests for you to have staff that know their stuff! Alternatively, you can sign them up to one of our pearl classes at Holts Academy. We’ll send out a newsletter when we have the next date but they are usually twice a year. Click here to read more about educating your jewellery shop staff.

Give Miranda a call with any questions 01460 281 496