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Supplier of the Year - UK Jewellery Awards 2023

Here’s a little advice as to how to care for the pearls in your shop, and how to advise your customer to look after their purchase.

Pearl care advice for you, the jeweller

  • Do not wet: Pearls are of course cultured in water so water does not in itself damage pearls, however once strung for necklaces or set in an earring, both silk and glue products will be damaged by water.
  • Clean the pearls with a soft cloth only.
  • Do not keep coloured pearls in your window: Light is used to bleach pearls and so displayed in your window for a long period coloured pearls (whether natural colour or dyed) will fade.

Pearl care advice for your customers

  • On last, off first: Pearls do not fare well where they come into contact with chemicals so advise your customers to put their pearls on after make-up and perfume, and take them off first in the evening.
  • But do wear them! They like the skin’s moisture.
  • Store them in neither hot nor cold extreme temperatures, in a soft cloth bag or box to avoid scratching.
  • Do not store in bright light for long periods, such as on a window ledge, for the same reasons as you wouldn’t store them in direct light in your shop.
  • Restring once the pearls become loose on the thread – this will happen quicker where the pearls are very large and heavy, or where the pearls are worn more often.